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Solutions for the food industry is our core business.



We manufacture production plants for almost all types of industry.




Innovative solutions for a high standard industry.


Development and providing of complete solutions – in collaboration with others.

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Food production requires high standards regarding the method of production used.

The manufacturer must be able to comply with the current legislation regarding hygiene and safety, while at the same time ensuring an efficient production.

We are prepared to address this challenge.

Legal requirements don’t necessarily lead to an increase in production costs.

We plan and provide solutions complying with the legal requirements – and we do it smart. Always. Because the smart way is the way to optimisation.

Optimisation through simplification and innovation creates production methods never seen before.

Our clients experience how their investments directly lead to an increased production.

Solutions for the food industry is the core business of NIKODAN.

Dairy products, fish, sweets, cakes, bread, ice-cream, beverages, vegetables, etc. – the list goes on and keeps getting longer.

We look forward to knowing what you produce, and to taking a non-committal chat about a new production solution.

We will bring some food to the meeting room


We provide conveyors and special machinery for modern industrial production.

Our many years of experience in manufacturing solutions have made us able to provide great solutions for almost all types of industry. 

The handling of heavy goods, high-speed systems for small items, gentle transportation of fragile products – we plan and provide the solution. 

Our design process is based on the most recent technologies and control systems, thus reducing the energy consumption – Think Green.

Operational reliability and very few service needs give our clients a competitive advantage – because breakdowns have considerable economic consequences. 

An overall solution may include 24-7 assistance.

Many companies have a technical support team, and access to spare parts and assistance are crucial to them – we are ready to help 24-7. 

No matter what you produce, you can contact us to take a non-committal chat about the optimisation of your production.


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Production safety requirements, a uniform quality, ongoing inspection, hygiene and efficiency – these are just some of many challenges.

Only the best is good enough – at NIKODAN we require experience and innovation.

NIKODAN solves complicated tasks for the pharma and medical industry.

We create high standard solutions that require the best materials and the best component parts.

A close cooperation with the client is essential.

No two solutions are the same, and they must often be developed from scratch.

Design, planning, and production all take place at our own facilities in order to ensure a short distance between our engineers and the “clever hands” in the production department.

We are ready to face any challenge from the pharma and medical industry.

Prepared to provide solutions that won’t cause you a headache.


Manufacturers of packaging machines, control systems, and special machinery all use Nikodan as their OEM supplier. 

Our OEM clients experience an increased call for providing an overall solution for their customers.

We offer conveyor- and product handling systems designed to integrate with the solutions of the OEM clients.

Our OEM clients are given new market opportunities, when complete solutions are provided. 

An overall solution is more desirable for the client, as you don’t have to involve various suppliers.

It takes a lot of mutual trust to work together.

Let’s create “plug and play” solutions together.

OEM clients – more than welcome


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