25 years experience

Use Nikodan as a creative and dynamic sparring partner.

We have the speed and expertise when it comes to development of projects and prototypes.

Nikodan has 25 years of experience with development and construction of machinery, process and Conveyor systems for various industrial areas.

Either performed construction phase in close cooperation with the customer and his orders, or as a complete solution with specific boundaries.

The goal is always to achieve simple workable solutions that meet the need.


Standards for all tasks

NIKODAN has a wide standard product range in transport and handling equipment for both FOOD, PHARMA AND NON-FOOD industry – customer requirements, industry requirements, hygiene, and not least safety is constantly evolving.

This requires a continuous maintenance of standardization, so that products are kept competitive in price and quality – and continues to meet the increasing demands for cleaning, functionality and safety.

3D Construction

Many years of experience in 3D construction.

3D design, modern production equipment and experienced engineers and mechanical engineers, ensure efficient order processing with a focus on quality and reliability.

When NIKODAN is responsible for sub-tasks, comes 3D drawings as step files for direct implementation in the customer’s assembly drawing.

The Project Manager follows the project

NIKODAN performs design of machinery, transport systems and development of special machines.

We make the necessary documentation for the projects and the solutions.

All projects require careful project management – both large and small projects.

An experienced team of project managers handle customer tasks and follows an agreed timetable so that we always deliver the job satisfactorily and on time.


User Manual & CE certification

NIKODAN provide all conveyors and complete installations fully documented (self-certification) and CE certification process control when this is included in the delivery.


The documentation is prepared by the standards of mechanical engineering:


• Risk assessment

• Machinery Directive

• CE marking

• Certificates (3.1B, FDA, ATEX, etc.. When required)



CE marking is carried out according to the Executive Order and the Machinery Directive.


Manufacturers of machinery equipment and installations shall remove, eliminate or reduce all hazards and risks through the design of the machine.


When documentation is collected a EU declaration of conformity declaring the directives machine is manufactured to. This declaration of conformity is the basis for CE marking.

Documentation & approvals

NIKODAN ensure all the necessary documentation for that the product complies with the rules applicable in the relevant directives such as:

• FDA approval
• 3A approval
• USDA approval
• EHEDG approval
• ATEX approval
• HACCP approval


Layout and solutions

Contact one of our experienced staff. Use Nikodan as sparring and let us help you with 25 years of experience around the product transport and handling.

Based on a wide standard program in transport and handling equipment, we are always ready to assist with budget prices for specific tasks.

Often the task requires a surveying of the room with existing machinery and subsequently – layout drawing showing one or more solutions.

This is a performance Nikodan performs as part of the job – even if the project does not becomes a reality.