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Standard Conveyor -
easy to customize

Moving products
safe and gentle

Left, right, up, down
Experts in moving

Cool solutions

Working with us
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Pull Nose machine´s
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Robot solutions -
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standard machines

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Wide product range is ready for inte-gration with your solutions.

Contact us and let’s integrate.


Conveyors transport products – we transform the way it’s done. Show us your product, and we will design an innovative solution.


Regardless of whether you use normal or half pallets, we can supply it. Please contact us to hear which solutions we suggest. 


In the heart of Jutland we have brought together a team of smart brains and clever hands.
We are ready to face any challenge.

If we don't have the solution...


NIKODAN manufactures complete automation solutions and conveyor systems – from the transportation of raw products with high demands on the cleanliness of the conveyor belts, and to carton and pallet transport.

Transport and handling of food, where hygiene requirements are essential – it is one of our special competence areas.

We are experts in customizing our many standard solutions.

Standard solutions can be delivered quickly and with great savings.

Our solutions range from conveyor belts, to robotic solutions and special machines, including efficient palletizing.

Product handling and palletising with robots combined with own production of conveyor systems provide endless possibilities for delivering efficient production systems.

Production optimization requires innovation combined with experience.

Our customers define the task – NIKODAN designs and manufactures a ready to go solution.

NIKODAN has it all “Inhouse” – engineering, manufacturing, management and customer setup and of course subsequent service.

Moving products
safe and gentle

Moving products
safe and gentle

Moving products
safe and gentle

Moving products
safe and gentle

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