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Dry Ice dosage


Dry Ice dosage

This unit is used for automatic dosing of dry ice and cryo pallets. This is useful in relation to, for instance, cooling down fresh produce like red meat and fish for distribution. The frame is constructed in steel to make sure the unit solid and durable. It also comes with lockable wheels, so that the unit can be moved for cleaning, maintenance or other production needs. Because the NIKODAN Dry Ice Dosage unit is protection class IP65, it can be completely sprayed down with water. This makes the cleaning process easier, so that all of the hygiene requirements of the food industry are met. The unit can be constructed with specifications that fit the individual demands of any production. Let us know what your company needs and we'll make it happen.


Advantages of Dry Ice Dosage

Does your company need a new solution for dosing dry ice, or something of the like? Or are you interested in a non-binding offer? Contact us through e-mail or give us a call:

Product information:

Width: Per request

Height: Per request

Length: Per request

Speed: Up to 20 portions per minute

Surface: Glassblown or grinded

Cleaning: Belt can be taken off for cleaning

Protection class: IP65

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