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All In One Box

We have many years of experience creating quality conveyor solutions, custom process equipment and innovative stand-alone machines for many different types of manufacturers within the food, nonfood, and pharma industries. Whether you need an entire manufacturing system, or just a single unit, we are the perfect business partner for you. We are involved during the entire process, from coming up with the solution in engineering and construction to making the machines in production, as well as installing the system at the customer and performing ongoing service. Our team and our facilities are qualified for handling several projects at a time and still delivering a high-quality solution. Furthermore, NIKODAN has a great network of both Danish and international business partners, so that we can guarantee the best solution for your needs.

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NIKODAN building

The Team

At NIKODAN, we have a team with great and extensive experience when it comes to delivering complete solutions. Everyone in our team have the necessary competencies to maintain a high quality in every single project. We are motivated by the success of our business partners and customers. We thrive with challenges and always try to come up with new, innovative solutions via consultation with our business partners, customers, and employees.

Quality Conveyor Solutions

NIKODAN is known for making quality conveyor solutions for the food, nonfood, and pharma industries. Our name used to be “NIKODAN Conveyor Systems A/S”, and even though we changed it to expand our business, making conveyors is still part of our core business. We produce everything within conveying systems, such as infeeds, inliners, product turners, and pullnoses amongst many other units, and we do it with the necessary hygiene and safety to operate e.g., required by the food and pharma industries.

We also produce other types of process equipment. This includes a depalletizer, shuttle conveyor, process conveyors and reject conveyors. Our conveyor equipment also includes products for the frozen meat industry and various food handling solutions. So whether you need a conveyor or a larger conveyor system, we have the type of process equipment you need. We prioritize producing good quality, so that all NIKODAN units are investments that will last for many years.

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Custom Process Equipment

Our motto is: “If we don’t have the solution, then we build it!” meaning that if a customer presents us with a problem where we do not already have a blueprint for the exact solution, we will use our competences and experience to come up with a clever solution that will fit the need. We specialize in process equipment, and we customize it to fit the needs of customer in question. Whether you are in need of a butter unwrapping station, a disinfection tunnel, or something completely different, we will engineer it for you!



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