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We manufacture food handling equipment for companies within a lot of different industries. We make conveyors for the transportation, handling and processing of food products, as well as palletizing and logistic systems. Our core businesses within the food industry are meat, dairy and confectionary, but we also have experience with handling bread, beverages, and vegetables. We have a special focus on hygiene and stability, to make sure that our solutions are easy to clean and hard to topple. On this page you will find excerpts of products that we, as a manufacturer, offer regarding food handling equipment. For instance, inliners, infeeds, turners, washers, dryers, and many other products that might be able to improve your production.

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Frozen meat conveyor system


We are manufacturers of industrial meat processing equipment. We have experience managing different types of meat, like chicken, beef, pork, fish etc.


We are manufacturers of dairy processing, conveyors, palletizing equipment within several industries, such as milk, butter, and cheese etc.

Rowfeeder for granola bars


We manufacture equipment for the confectionery industry. We have experience in many areas of the confectionery industry, such as cakes, candy, granola, chocolate bars etc.

Hygienic Design in Focus

As a company that manufactures food handling equipment, we are met with many requirements, from authorities and customers alike, regarding both safety, hygiene, and efficiency. We therefore always do our best to meet, if not exceed, all requirements. 

Hygiene is a very important topic, especially in the food industry. Because of this, we always make sure that our machines are easy to clean. This does not only ensure the quality of the products, but it also improves on safety and efficiency, as time is not wasted needlessly when cleaning the machines. 

All of our units are compatible with CIP (clean-in-place) systems, meaning that the interior of the machines can be cleaned without disassembly. This further improves the safety and efficiency, as workers are not going to dismantle the machine by hand. A feature that benefits both manufacturer, company, and customer. We take pride in being a safe and reliable manufacturer. 

The machines also have limited to no places that are difficult to clean, like holes or crevices. The belts on the conveyors are detachable, so both the belt and the conveyor itself are easy to clean. NIKODAN high hygienic conveyors are also available with Polyurethane belts. This belt is thermoplastic and are not fraying, and it does not absorb water. This solution is ideal for wet and humid environments and is a key feature in the food industry, as it prevents the growth of bacteria and mold on the belt and edges. 

Hygenic transport conveyor for cheese

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