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We are manufacturers of industrial meat handling equipment. We have a high know-how of managing different types of meat, like chicken, beef, pork, fish etc. as well as making handling equipment related to the meat industry, such as dry ice and packaging, meat processing conveyors and meat conveyor systems. We handle meats of all sizes and states. For instance, we have a depalletizer for separating big blocks of frozen meat, as well as infeeds and conveyors for handling and transporting the meat, and pullnoses for putting the meat in its packaging. The depalletizer is for the frozen meat industry and can also be characterized as meat separation equipment.

We are also very experienced in producing sanitary conveying equipment for meat handling. This includes turn-key conveyor systems amd various hygienic conveyors. Other types of industrial meat equipment we offer includes conveyors for pork handling, meat conveyor belts and depalletising of frozen blocks using the previously mentioned depalletizer. To see an excerpt of our products related to the meat industry, scroll down on this site. For more information, options and guidance on our products, either write or call via the buttons below:

Our Products For Food Handling

Depalletizer of blocks of frozen meat


The NIKODAN Depalletizer facilitates automatic depalletization of meat blocks frozen in pallets. This also means less labor-intensive work, and a steady flow in production.

Dry Ice dosage

Dry Ice Dosage

Used for automatic dosing of dry ice and cryo pellets. The dosage amount is adjustable to your needs, and can dose up to 20 portions per minute.

Shuttle Conveyor for meat

Shuttle Conveyor

The Shuttle Conveyor is a transporter that, through a pull-nose, can place up to 90 products pr. minute. It can handle various different types of products from small to medium sizes and it’s service-friendly in regards to changing and cleaning the belt.

Infeed in polished steel

Attachless Infeeds

The attachless infeed is a unit that ensures correct delivery of the product(s) to the Flow Packer.



This transporter is used to move a row of products onto another conveyor, in a straight line.

Transport conveyor for blocks of frozen meat

Meat Transporter

Tilted conveyor belt for transporting blocks of frozen meat. 

UVC Tunnel full size

UVC Tunnel

The UVC Tunnel XP600 can be used to sterilize the surface of incoming meat objects. The UVC Tunnel can reduce up to 99% of all bacteria and virusses, depending on time and effect.

Conveyor system for packets of meat


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A Turner turning products


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As seen above, our meat handling solutions include a sanitary shuttle conveyor, beef processing equipment, ice handling equipment and various other types of machinery and solutions for e.g. frozen meat processing and the frozen processed meat industry. We are able to make custom made equipment and frozen food conveyor equipment according to your individual needs.

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