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Rowfeeder Transport System

The Rowfeeder is a category of conveyor that places a larger amount of product at once. It feeds multiple rows of product onto another conveyor belt in a single row. This is typically done by placing products from one conveyor belt to another, so that multiple rows of product becomes just one. This can be done through e.g. a pullnose mechanisme, where one belt stretches over another and quickly reclines. Here the product from the first belt will be placed on the second belt in one long row. It can also be done via an Inliner unit, that pushes the rows of product to become one through sidebelts or conveyor belts with different speeds and angles.
It's the Rowfeeder's task to manage a large amount of product at once and readying them up for further handling. This can be anything from further transportation to processing to packaging.

Size and other specifications of the Rowfeeder conveyor system can be customized to any production's individual needs.

Pullnose bread

Advantages of the Rowfeeder

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Product Information:

Width: Per agreement

Height: Per agreement

Length: Per agreement

Speed: Per agreement

Surface: Glassblown, grinded or polished

Cleaning: Belts can be taken off easily for cleaning or maintenance

Protection Class: IP65

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