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We make equipment that automates the process of handling materials during industrial activities, such as manufacturing, packaging, logistics etc. We have a wide operational range within the nonfood industry. We make automated material handling systems for e.g., transporting, dosing, and packaging several different types of nonfood items, as well as palletizers and pick and place robots for hoisting, stacking, and moving said items. On this page you will see some of our products within this field, many of which we also manufacture for the food industry with the same high, hygienic quality. To learn more about our automated material handling equipment and how it can help improve efficiency in your company, or what different means are available for customization, please contact us on or call us directly:

Our Nonfood Products

UVC Tunnel full size

UVC Tunnel

The UVC Tunnel XP600 can be used to sterilize the surface of incoming objects, like boxes, cans, bagage and consumer goods. The UVC Tunnel can reduce up to 99% of all bacteria and virusses, depending on time and effect.

Pick and place robot automation

Pick and Place robot

Pick and place automation speeds up the process of picking up parts or items and placing them in other locations.

Automating this process helps increase production rates. The robots handle repetitive tasks while freeing up human workers to focus on more complex work.

Reject system by NIKODAN

Reject System

The Reject System helps sort through products on the conveyor, and pushes the rejected objects down a tract or a reject bin and out of the production line.

Infeed in polished steel

Attachless Infeeds

The attachless infeed is a unit that ensures correct delivery of the product(s) to the packing machine.

Infeed for boxes

Conveyor System

NIKODAN offers multiple different, project customized, conveyor solutions to transport your products with ease from A to B.

A conveyor for moving pallets

Palletizing System

Different solutions for transporting and stacking pallets are available through our vast portefolio. Inform us of your palletizing need and we will engineer a solution.

Confectionery pullnose system


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