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A conveyor, also known as a conveyor belt system, is a mechanical device used to transport materials, objects or products from one location to another within an industrial or logistical context. This system typically consists of a belt made of a strong material that moves continuously in a specific direction, often in a loop or a straight line. At Nikodan, we have extensive experience in producing conveyor belt systems that are used in a wide range of industries, including food production and various forms of product transport.

Conveyors can vary in size and complexity depending on the specific application and the materials being transported. Our conveyors are made of stainless steel, and belt and motor types are selected based on the product to be moved on the conveyor. We have over 30 years of experience in producing conveyors, so we make sure that we build conveyors that suit exactly the purpose you need them for.

With a conveyor system, several benefits are achieved, including automation of material transport, increased efficiency, reduced need for manual labor and more precise control of material flow. Our conveyors can also be equipped with various accessories such as inliners, sensors and shielding.

Different types of conveyors.

We have extensive experience in producing different types of conveyors. Here we will show some selected examples. If you require a conveyor type not listed below, please contact us. We can usually accommodate most wishes and needs.

Modular conveyor belt with curve.

Straight modular belt conveyor.

Z conveyor


If you are interested in more information about our conveyor solutions and the possibilities for special adaptation, or other NIKODAN solutions, then please contact us via our e-mail or give us a call:

Product information:

Width: Per agreement

Height: Per agreement

Length: Per agreement

Speed: Standard 5 - 50 m/min.

Drive unit: Per agreement

Belt type: Per agreement

Surface: Glass blasted, grinded or polished.

Cleaning: The belt can be taken off for easy cleaning or replacement.

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How to remove the belt from a NIKODAN conveyor:

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