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Bread and Confectionery Process Equipment

We manufacture handling equipment for the confectionery industry. We have experience in many different areas of the confectionery production industry, such as cakes, cookies, granola, candy, chocolate bars etc. We make confectionary handling equipment that will complete different tasks in the manufacturing process, such as turning products and putting them in a line, and pullnoses for transferring the products to another conveyor or packaging them in a box. On this page you will find an exerpt of our products and handling equipment, such as infeeds, inliners, turners etc. For more information and guidance about our solutions, contact us via our contact form or call us directly:

Our Bread and Confectionery Products

Muesli Sprinkler full size

Muesli Sprinkler

A machine for continuous spreading and transportation of granola and similar products. The product is input from the side, mixed and then distributed as an even layer on a conveyor belt.

Muesli Mixer full size

Muesli Mixer

The Muesli Mixer ensures an even mix of both sticky and non-sticky ingredients. For instance, granola and honey or syrup. This machine is compatible with the Muesli Sprinkler, that then distributes the product.



The Inliner is a conveyor with a hygenic design, optimized for the food industry, that can line products up symmetrically on the conveyor belt.

Pullnose for chocolates


The Pullnose is used to place products from one conveyor belt to another, in a symmetrical pattern, through a belt-mechanism extending and quickly retracting.

Infeed Toffifee

Attachless Infeed

The attachless infeed is a unit that ensures correct delivery of the product(s) to the packing machine or Flow Wrapper.

Chocolate Turner conveyor system


The Turner turns products as needed, for instance, from long-side leading to short-side leading. During the turning process, the product is only in contact with PU-belt material via side-belts, making maintaining a high hygienic standard easier.

Rowfeeder for granola bars

Row Feeder

This transporter is used to move a row of products onto another conveyor, in a straight line.

UVC Tunnel full size

UVC Tunnel

The UVC Tunnel XP600 can be used to sterilize the surface of incoming objects, like cakes, cookies, granola, candy and chocolates. The UVC Tunnel can reduce up to 99% of all bacteria and virusses, depending on time and effect.

Muesli Mixer full size

Muesli Mixer

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