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Chocolate Turner conveyor system
Food industry

The NIKODAN Turner unit turns products as needed. This could, for instance, be from long-side leading to short-side leading or turning the product upside down. During the turning process, the product is only in contact with PU-belt material via side-belts, making it easier to maintain a high hygienic standard as needed when handling food and pharma. It can of course also turn boxes or similar for non-food handling.
The Turner is useful placed before an infeed system, readying up products to move through a Flow Wrapper, for packaging. But it is also useful for lining up products for handling. For instance, for baking, covering or desinfection. It can be a versatile part of the production line, all depending on your specific production needs.

The Turner unit comes with all necessary documentation, markings and measures to make sure that it always lives up to all laws and codes on hygiene and safety in the Pharma and Food industry.

A Turner turning products

Advantages of the Turner

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Product information:

Width: Standard 200+100 mm

Height: Min. 500 mm

Length: Standard 2600 mm

Drive: ø60

Speed: Standard 5-50 m/min

Surface: Glassblown, grinded or polished

Protection class: IP65

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