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Reject System

Reject system by NIKODAN

Reject System

The NIKODAN Reject System helps sort through products on the production line, removing unwanted objects. It sorts through the products by predetermined factors and push the products off the conveyor belt that do not fit these. This process can be done in different ways depending on what fits the specific production needs best. This can, for example, be done by physically pushing the products off the conveyor with a reject arm, by dropping the products via a pullnose function or a pneumatic function that can blow products off the conveyor belt with high precision.

The Reject System can be costumized beyond the specific reject method, to make sure that the unit is a perfect fit with your production line. This can be in regards to the general size of the unit, belt speed, the belt type, surface treatment, sensors, reject bin or if you want lockable wheels to make it easier moving the unit.

As a conveyor manufacturer, we can typically produce the specific type of reject machine you desire. A reject line, including a reject pusher, can consist of different types of technical units such as a pneumatic rejection system, air reject or another type of pneumatic pusher. In larger factory settings, a reject system is often used as a part of larger process equipment setups which may include infeeds, shuttle conveyors, rowfeeders or attachless infeeds.

Reject system by NIKODAN
Reject system by NIKODAN

Advantages of the Reject System

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Different types of Reject System

Pullnose Reject system

Pullnose Reject System

The Pullnose Reject System removes products from the production line by a pullnose function. This unit has a mechanism that pulls back the conveyor belt, to drop the unwanted product directly down a reject funnel.

Pneumatic Reject

The pneumatic Reject System removes products via an air blowing function, placed on the side of the conveyor. The size of the air blower depends on the size and weight of the product. When an unwanted product is detected, the Pneumatic Reject pushes the product off the production line, into a reject bin, via an efficient blow of air.

Pusher reject system
NIKODAN Reject Arm

Reject Arm

The Reject Arm pushes the detected unwanted products off the production line via an arm placed on the side of the conveyor belt. It then physically pushes rejected objects off the belt and down a reject bin. The arm is of course customized for the specific production, in regards to size, placement, material and speed.

If you are looking for a reject conveyor then a conveyor reject system will likely be suitable. We can for example manufacture a conveyor reject mechanism, which functions on an auto rejection conveyor belt system.

Such a conveyor rejection system can include that rejected products are e.g. moved or pushed to a reject drop, where they thereafter end up in a rejection bin. Other types of conveyor reject pushers and auto reject conveyors can also be manufactured according to your individual needs and wishes.

Product information:

Width: Per request

Height: Per request

Length: Per request

Surface: Glassblown or grinded

Cleaning: Belt can be taken off for easy cleaning or maintenance

Protection class: IP65

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