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Depalletizer of frozen meat blocks
Food industry

The hygienic Depalletizer enables automated de-palletizing and de-stacking. It handles your frozen meat blocks for further processing in the production line. The unit separates the frozen blocks from the pallets and transports them one-by-one for handling. This can be especially useful within the meat, fish and petfood industries. With the depalletizer unit, you can avoid unnecessary heavy lifting by the workers. It also ensures a stabil flow in the production process as the unit de-stacks and transports the frozen meat blocks.
The depalletizing unit comes with all necessary documentation and measures that live up to all laws and codes on hygiene and safety within the food industry.

If you are looking for depalletizing equipment, then our depalletizing machine is a good choice. This depalletizer machine is useful for e.g. depalletising of frozen blocks. The use cases for our depalletizer are varied and can include pet food industry, sausage production, wet pet food and canned food industry. So for different types of pet food manufacturing, this machine can be useful. That is also the case for other types of frozen food palletizing.

Depalletizer retracted
Depalletizer conveyor

Advantages of the Depalletizer

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Product information:

Width: Standard 800 or 1000 mm pallets

Hight: As required

Length: As required

Surface: Glassblown or grinded

Protection class: IP65

Speed: Up to xx bloks per minute

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