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Shuttle Conveyor

shuttle conveyor

The NIKODAN shuttle conveyor system ensures an automated placement of small to medium products, via a pullnose system. This can be placement of, for instance, burgers, as shown on the pictures, but it is definitely not limited to that. The shuttle conveyor can be used to place products in specific ways in specific intervals, for further transport in the conveyor system or to place product in trays for packing. In case of the latter, it's possible to construct a complete solution with an integrated indexer conveyor for the trays.

The unit comes with all necessary documentation and measures that live up to all laws on hygiene and safety in the food industry. Specifications of the unit can be customized to specific production needs.

If you are looking for a shuttle conveyor system then we have different conveyor solutions that meet this criteria. We can manufacture special conveyor systems including shuttle systems with the particular conveyor processes you need in your production setup. As a conveyor manufacturer, we can thus produce a wide variety of shuttle conveyors with conveyor design in accordance to your requirements. A conveyor shuttle system can e.g. be used for food conveyor systems but also for many other applications. This includes combining a shuttle conveyor with other types of process equipment such as infeeds, reject conveyors, conveyor belt lines and a further variety of handling equipment.

shuttle conveyor

Advantages of the Shuttle Conveyor

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Product information:

Width: Standard 300 or per request

Height: or per request

Length: Standard 1800 mm or per request

Speed: Up to 90 products per minute
Min. 0 m/min., max. 40 m/min.

Surface: Glassblown or grinded

Protection class: IP65

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