Conveyor system for handling cheese blocks

Newly built conveyor system for handling cheese blocks.

We have recently finished building this comprehensive conveyor system for handling cheese blocks.

In the video below, you can see both an overview of the system and its individual parts. At the start of the machine, blocks of cheese are loaded onto two conveyor belts and moved by movable side guides so they don’t stick together.

Next, cheese blocks are moved onto other conveyor belts and turned by side guides. After a subsequent straight travel on conveyor belts, the cheese blocks reach a separation unit, where the cheese blocks are applied with pressure from belts both under and above the cheese blocks.

This technique ensures that the cheese blocks are placed with a uniform distance to each other, when they leave this seperation machine, which makes subsequent handling of the cheese blocks easy and predictable. The system involves several innovative elements and meets the strict hygiene requirements for both the food industry and more specifically cheese production facilities.    

We are of course available for more information. You can contact us by phone (+45) 39 30 43 16 and e-mail: Here you can watch a video showcasing the conveyor system:


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