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Crystallization Belt


Crystallization Belt

The Crystallization Belt, or the Fluid Bed, is primarily used within the dairy industry for crystallization/demineralization, drying and for cooling down products. It is most commonly used to produce products like milk powder and protein powder. This happens when the unit exposes the incoming product to a variation of temperature, speed and humidity - elements that are all adjustable to the specific production needs. The processing of the product can be performed in a single step of the production or as part of a multistage drying operation. Size and other specifications of the Crystallization Belt can be customized to any production's individual needs.

krystalliseringstransportør indvendig

Advantages of the Crystallization Belt

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Product information:

Width: Standard 2.320 mm or per agreement

Height: Standard 2.250 mm or per agreement

Length: Standard 10.000 mm or per agreement

Temperature: Max. 90 C

Speed: Up to 350 mm product per minute

Surface: Glassblown or grinded

Cleaning: Belt can be taken off for easy cleaning or replacement

Protection class: IP65

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