News about robotic palletizing

Do you need efficient palletizing systems?          
Nikodan has experience in designing and producing palletizing systems where industrial robots stack goods on pallets, including Euro pallets. The video below shows a system where a robotic arm lifts boxes of drinks from one location to another. The robot places the boxes on a Euro pallet, and when the pallet is full, the pallet is placed on powered roller tracks. These tracks can move the pallet forward for subsequent handling.

The video also shows that the system can contain a pallet automat, where the stack of pallets is lifted and a new pallet is sent in to the industrial robot when it is ready to pack goods on a new pallet. The video just shows a single embodiment, and if you have special needs for palletizing systems, please contact us so we can discuss your needs and wishes. We can be contacted by phone: +45 39 30 43 16 and e-mail:

Additional information about robotic solutions.    
We can produce robot tools that act as interface between a robot arm and the item which is to be placed or moved. Such a tool can be customized to meet your specific technical requirements. Together with an external partner, we also provide programming of robots.

Such programming is often carried out to ensure that the robots are in tune with the speed and placement of items, e.g. on conveyors that they pick or place. In terms of pick and place, we can deliver larger solutions where robots and conveyors are made to interact such that robots pick or place various products from sources such as pallets or conveyors and then distribute the picked products onto another location.

Related solutions we provide include palletizing where a robot, such as a robot arm, picks or places items to or from a pallet. That pallet can then be placed onto a heavy duty conveyor and moved further along a production line where it is needed.   


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