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Unpacking Station

Unpacking station full size

Unpacking Station

The NIKODAN Unpacking Station is used for the unpacking of heavy cartons and packs of butter, as part of a complete production system. This can, for instance, be in connection to a production of bakery and confecture products. Our Unpacking Station makes it easier to unpack and unwrap packs of butter in a semi-automatic and ergonomic process, that reduces manual handling. After the unpacking, the product is transported to the next part of the production through a conveyor belt.

The unit is easy to clean and the conveyor belt can be changed without the need to take the unpacker apart. The frame has multiple possibilities for adjustment, to allow for the most hygenic, safe and ergonomic solution.

Unpacking station with butter

Advantages of the Unpacker

Does your company need an Unpacking Station or something of the like, then contact us by writing a message or giving us a call:

Product Information:

Width: Per request

Height: Per request

Lenght: Standard 1000 mm or Per request

Surface: Glassblown or grinded

Material: AISI304 or AISI316

Cleaning: Belts can be taken off without the need for tools

Protection class: IP65

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Smør udpakker
Smør udpakker
Unpacking station with butter
Smør udpakker
Smør udpakker
Smør udpakker

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