Apprenticeship Project – French Balcony

Apprentice at NIKODAN, Magnus, was able to showcase his finished apprenticeship project today, after it arrived back at the workshop from the Painter. The project consisted of a French Balcony for co-worker Martin. The black coat of paint was the final detail on the project, that now has the construction phase completed.

An important aspect of the apprenticeship projects at NIKODAN is that the apprentices are responsible for the entire project. This means that Magnus has tried his hand as being both the key account manager, mechanical constructor, procurer, project manager and smith. This for example included conducting meetings with the ‘client’, where our apprentice started out with sketching out the balcony based on Martin’s wishes. After this, he was responsible for taking all the necessary steps to finish the project. All of this happened within NIKODAN’s facilities. The balcony is now finished and now only needs to be transported and mounted. The apprenticeship project itself is not quite finished, however. There are still details, like post-calculations, that need to be finalized before closing the project completely.

NIKODAN currently has 4 apprentices who all will go through a similar process during their time at the company. The purpose of these projects is to give our smiths an understanding of what’s going on in the office. Furthermore, what different mechanisms and processes are at play to get orders in and out of the workshop. At the same time, the smiths get a chance to challenge themselves and showcase their talents. Ultimately, the purpose is to give some insight in what’s needed to make a business successful.

Magnus foran sit lærlingeprojekt
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