Muesli sprinkler heading to customer

The picture on the right shows one of our muesli sprinklers, which is soon on its way to a customer. The muesli sprinkler spreads and transports muesli and similar products. The product is added from the top, mixed and then distributed in an even layer on a conveyor belt.

The product is then transported to, for example, an oven or an air dryer.

The unit is easy to disassemble and clean, which ensures that it will not be a problem to meet the strict hygiene requirements in the food industry. The sprinkler is also built with a strong steel frame and lockable wheels. It is therefore easy to disconnect and move the unit in connection with cleaning and maintenance, or in the event of a rearrangement of the production structure.

Advantages of a muesli sprinkler:
– Large capacity and flexible in relation to belt speed, dose and location.
– Smooth handling of sticky products
– Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance
– Manufactured with lockable wheels to enable easy transport of the unit, either for    cleaning, maintenance or replacement
– Potentiometers for regulating the mixer and sprinkler belt
  Comes with CE marking and full documentation

– We are of course available if you want more information about the product.

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