Production & Supply Chain Manager’s 20th Anniversary

Today we have had the joy of celebrating our Production & Supply Manager, Anders B. Clausen’s 20th anniversary at NIKODAN PROCESS EQUIPMENT! 🎉
(He’s the one on the right in the picture, standing with NIKODAN CEO Jan Gram)

Anders has worked his way up the carreer ladder at NIKODAN to become the manager of our whole production and supply chain departments. He therefore has an important hand in everything that goes in and out of our company and has an eminent part in making sure that our gears are always turning smoothly. He’s without a doubt an important asset within the inner workings of NIKODAN and we’re very grateful for having him on board.

We now look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries in the future! Thank you and congratulations Anders Clausen đźŽ‰đźŽ‰

Jan Gram & Anders B. Clausen
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