News about Nikodan’s environmental profile

At NIKODAN, we have recently had a so-called GHG report made, in collaboration with the company Transition, which deals with our greenhouse gas emissions. We are happy to be at the forefront of the legal requirements in this area, as it is not yet a requirement from the Danish authorities that you must report as comprehensively on your GHG emissions as we have done in the aforementioned report.

In the report, we talk about our GHG emissions within what is called scope 1, 2 and 3. Scope 1 deals with direct emissions from own production. Scope 2 and 3 deal with indirect GHG emissions from e.g. purchased electricity and customers’ use of our machines. We are also in dialogue with several of our suppliers, in relation to how they can reduce their GHG emissions.

We have also made a number of additional measures aimed at making NIKODAN more environmentally responsible. This includes that all our ceiling lighting has become LED, and we have got four electric car charging stations in our car park in Nørre Snede. An initiative has also been introduced where surplus food from our lunch is sold to our employees in the afternoon, so that the food does not have to be thrown away. We can also mention a project for a customer where we are reusing old racks for new machines.

From several of our customers, we see an increasing focus on their suppliers and business partners working with their environmental profile and their greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, we are also happy that we have produced our first GHG report. The results in the report are also reported to the recognized organization CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).

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