Customer case: Toms Group A/S

The working environment has improved at Toms Group A/S due to height-adjustable conveyors from Nikodan.

You can read more about this in the case article below, which we have written on the basis of a visit to our customer Toms Group A/S in Hvidovre, Denmark.

Most Danes know the delicious confectionery products from Toms, such as gold bars and Anthon Berg marzipan bread and Toms’ history goes all the way back to the year 1924, when their factory was founded. In our case article below you can read exciting news from Toms, including about their recent business adventure in China.

The article also focuses on how Toms has used several different machines from Nikodan, including height-adjustable conveyors that can be adjusted to the height of the individual employee working at the machine. The case article can be read here:

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