New conveyor with fast turning function

New conveyor with fast turning function.

We hereby have the pleasure of showing a video of a conveyor we have recently produced. This conveyor is a high speed turner for handling confectionery products. The purpose is to ensure a gentle rotation of the product and to ensure a uniform delivery of products for subsequent packaging. More specifically, the conveyor system consists of two inlet belts, which start the rotation of the product. The product is then passed on to an inliner process with side belts.

The turner process, also called the turning function, on this conveyor, functions in such a way that the confectionery products are turned during their advance on the conveyor, such that the product is turned from long-side facing position to short-side facing position. The products are then ready to be wrapped individually, for example in foil. If the correct positioning of the product is not achieved, then the product will be rejected and blown off the belt via pneumatic reject.

The conveyor is designed to handle 1,000 products per minute, which is attractive for modern confectionery factories or other manufacturers. The system is also designed with features, which makes maintenance and cleaning of the system easy and manageable. Please contact us for more info: Phone (+45) 39 30 43 16 and e-mail:


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