Newly renovated offices in Nørre Snede

At NIKODAN, we have recently completed a long-term renovation of various offices at our address in Nørre Snede.

The work has been carried out together with the company Ambiente A/S, which has been responsible for both the design and renovation of the premises. A new office has been established at our factory, for e.g. our purchasing department, where administrative staff are located closer to our production employees.

Walls have also been removed and rooms have been added elsewhere, for example two new quiet rooms in extension of the sales department. In many places, the individual employee has also been provided with soundproofing around his desk and ceiling lights have been installed that can be turned depending on the individual employee’s lighting needs.

During the renovation, they have also tried to make some sustainable measures, which includes reusing some of the old chairs from the canteen and some bases from old desks.

It has also been an ambition to create more open and cozy premises. In our entrance, there is now placed a sofa where guests can sit and have a cup of coffee. There is also installed new modern coffee machines have been installed that can brew all the known coffee varieties – both with and without milk foam. We look forward to being able to welcome customers and business contacts here at our modern and inviting new offices in Nørre Snede.

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