Roller conveyor for pallet transport

Do you work with pallets in your factory or production setup?

We have extensive experience with building systems for handling pallets. In the below video, you can see an example of a system we have built for pallet handling.

The video shows roller conveyors transporting Euro-pallets along a path where several vertical racks are also placed. The pallets are placed in different vertical racks according to the wear, and quality, of the pallets.

The system is installed with mirrors under the pallet racks, which makes it possible for factory employees, working with the system, to see below the pallets and evaluate the wear, and quality, of the pallets. Subsequently, the worker doing this inspection will then place the inspected pallet in one of several vertical racks according to the quality of the pallet.

Thus, these conveyor lanes for pallets are useful for euro pallet inspection. These pallet rollers and pallet conveyor rollers are efficient machines for improving your intralogistics and pallet transport. We can also manufacture a pallet roller conveyor according to your individual needs and specifications. 

Pallet handling systems by Nikodan Process Equipment A/S can be used in a large variety of production and factory setups for efficient handling, and quality control, of pallets – including Euro-pallets. Please contact us for more information by phone +45 39 30 43 16 or by email:

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